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Hurricane Harvey: How to Help Regardless of Budget

Hello Friends, There is no doubt that our Texas coast has been devastated. Many of us have loved ones that had their lives turned upside down by hurricane Harvey. It is also likely that your children either witnessed, saw on tv or heard about the devastation. One thing we can teach our children during this time is community. What action can you take to help those affected? Feeling small and far away from the devastation can often bring feelings of guilt and helplessness. Guilt that you are safe, warm in your home and not worrying about being flooded or the helplessness that comes with not knowing what action to take. Right now there is a need for direct action. Help whether monetary, in kind or through volunteerism is all needed. Other ways to help that get your whole family involved is starting your own donation drive, donating food and supplies at animal shelters, donating blood and more. Click here for safe monetary donation resources and avoid scams or here for more in kind donations and resources from Austin Mayor, Steve Adler.

Thank you in advance for supporting our friends on the coast! With Gratitude, Katherine Banker

#hurricaneharvey #texasstrong #community #volunteer

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