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Need Inspiration for your Practice?

A inspiring story from one of our families who wish to remain anonymous...

"My daughter has scoliosis among over conditions that contribute to a limited motion, pain and low muscle tone. She has been having a hard time at school keeping up with friends at PE and on the playground. She is a very sweet girl who has recently become very self-conscious and aware of her difference in abilities then her peers. It has become increasingly severe and she has stopped being active and has refused invitations to play with friends. Not only has this hurt her emotionally but her doctor has noticed a decrease in her already limited motion and overall health. After seeking help from a multitude of professionals I stumbled upon a yoga class at my daughter's school. I thought, "what the heck, it won't hurt to try it". I will admit I didn't have much hope.

In just a few weeks our world has changed for the better and is continuing in a positive trend for not only my daughter but our whole family. Her self-confidence has slowly regained itself. The instructor uses a lot of partner poses that encourage teamwork and make some more difficult poses more accessible to all the students. Through working together with new friends she has really started to be more confident and looks forward to showing me what she learns. She is back to being the teacher at home. I am also overjoyed to report her doctor has seen an increase in her flexibility range and muscle tone. She is not as tired or discouraged during PE or recess. She is back to being herself; happy, sweet and ready to take on anything.

I honestly do not practice yoga and had little to no expectation in regards of what it could do for my daughter. Now, I am a HUGE advocate and we are even incorporating some yoga at home. Whatever my daughter learns in class she teaches us. It has truly been a blessing to discover yoga. "

Note from me This is why we do what we do. Do you have an inspiring story you would like to share about your family's experience with yoga for kids? We would love to hear it and share it with others to continue to inspire and share the joy and benefits of yoga. Email us at

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